Left: Prior to surgery. Right: post surgery

I remember it like it was yesterday.

2001. 8th grade. After school.

I went straight to AIM and logged on. This was an instant messenger that was used before MySpace, Facebook, and MSN for all you Gen-Zs out there. I had some thoughts running through my mind about my day and remember, this was early 2000s… the time of dial up speed internet.. so I had some time to reflect.

I got logged on and one of the first messages I received was from a boy named Kurt, “send me a pic of your bo*bs”. I was shocked, there was…

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A lot of times I get asked, “why did you make the switch?”, “wasn’t it scary?”, “what if it didn’t work out?”, and my favorite, “isn’t that what you went to school for?” and my response is always, “how many times have you been unhappy but were too afraid to make the jump?”

Now to be fair, I was absolutely terrified. Let me rewind for you a bit. I grew up in small town Wisconsin. Everyone I knew and their parents were teachers. My mother wanted me to teach, my father wanted me to teach, only to coach basketball of…

Trying to land your dream job? The DOs and DONTs your interviewer is looking for.

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Well, interviews are looking a bit different these days. I remember my first teaching interview back in 2011. I had on a clearance dress from Macy’s. It was about two sizes too small, and I kept going to the bathroom beforehand to put cold water behind my ears because someone told me it would calm my nerves.. PSA, it didn’t work.

I walked into a room filled with 6 individuals. The Principle, Vice Principle, and four other high school teachers. For my first interview, it was terrifying. I am pretty sure I was shaking the whole time and my voice…

Remember, it goes both ways.

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We’ve all been there.

You land the job that is going to pay your bills, you celebrate with dinner and champagne, you think “this time the grass really is greener” until about month five.

From being an employee to managing a group of fifty, I tend to see where the shift happens from an employee being extremely eager and excited to land a new job to where they start to get overly comfortable and disengage.

Now, some people might say it’s the managers fault for letting this happen or it’s the toxic work environment. I don’t disagree. I have based…

What love truly looks like.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Like most of you, I spent a majority of my life growing up watching movies, mine were on VHS, but that’s besides the point. Movies show us what loves looks like, and what it’s supposed to feel like, and 9 times out of 10, they end up happily ever after.

I always thought…. what a complete mind f*ck until I experienced that type of love myself.

Think back to the beginning of your current relationship or your last relationship. How did you feel? Excitement? Lust? Happiness? You have a want for that person, but how…

Jenna Neumann

GM for solar, but more importantly, dog & coffee enthusiast. Sharing my life experiences, come along for the ride. It’s a wild one.

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